What Have You Been Up To, Katie??

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So, maybe you noticed (or you probably didn’t notice) that I have been a little MIA over here on the blog lately.  Well, it’s because of a lot of reasons — some interesting, some not so interesting.  Since you asked, here’s what I have been up to recently.

I Moved

This one is pretty cool in my book (maybe less cool as far as you are concerned).  We decided to build a house last year when we couldn’t really decide where to move to.  We actually wanted to move somewhere warm, but couldn’t come up with a better solution than Columbus.

“Cbus” just has so much going for it that it turned out to be hard to pass up.  Honestly, this has been taking a bunch of my time.  It’s a lot of work to move…and I tend to overthink things, so I probably spend a little too much time thinking about which Crate & Barrel chairs I should get (true story) and not enough time on this blog.  But in the process I have really learned to love my city again…and that’s awesome.

We are so happy to finally be in our new house!


I’ve Been Writing Elsewhere

I’m pretty flipping excited about this one too.  I started this blog because I needed to do something that used my brain.  I was a stay at home mom (well, I still am) and needed to do something focused around adults and not toddlers.  I had hoped the blog would lead to something bigger, but I wasn’t sure what.  Turns out, I really enjoyed writing and seemed to be decent at it…so, I went out and got a couple of freelance writing gigs!

I am thrilled to let you know I am now writing for Upgraded Points!  This is a great miles and points blog that you should absolutely check out.

I’ve Been Traveling

Travel…because that’s what it’s all about!  So far this year I have been to Costa Rica, Orlando (we surprised my daughter with a trip to Walt Disney World!), Bahamas, NYC and Tucson, AZ (Miraval Resort…it’s a dream!)

I am getting ready to head to Hawaii with my family, and I have unofficially been nominated as head travel planner for the trip (I wonder why??).  And…we just booked a trip for next summer — a Mediterranean cruise!  Planning trips is “hard work” but someone has to do it!

I’ve Been Getting My Fitness On

As I inch closer and closer to 40, I have noticed that my body does not respond to simple diet and exercise like it used to.  Ok, ok, so I have gotten a little lazy which in turn has made my abs a little lazy (aka droopy, aka mom tummy).  I am really trying to make a mental shift back into a healthier lifestyle.  I’m still working on my eating habits…they are all over the map.

I spent my 30’s assigning myself to a particular diet — only to totally fail at that diet eventually because most “diets” aren’t sustainable.  And then there are all those extra wine calories (sigh…)

I’ve really gotten more into working out…I even became one of those people I used to hate — the ones that work out on vacation.  Barf (amiright).

But seriously, I feel better when I move and I need to burn all the calories I can (see: eating habits).  Here are a couple of cool things I have gotten into lately:

  • Fit4Mom Dublin: a great group of mamas who get together to chat, laugh and burn some serious calories…all with the kids in tow! (Fit4Mom has groups all over the country!)
  • I have also been participating in some cool local fitness blogger events organized by Lindsay at Find Where You Fit.  (Check her out for everything and anything about Columbus fitness).
Fit4Mom Dublin
Turns out, working out with a group of friends is way more fun than doing it on your own!

I’ve Been Lazy

Guys, life happens and sometimes I just have better shit to do!! (lol)  But seriously, sometimes you just need to lay around eating bon bons*

What’s Next?

I have no idea. Seriously, I am really just making it all up as I go along…all while pretending I have my shit together.

I have some ideas to freshen up and revamp the blog which will happen in approximately….I have no idea (see above). Until then, happy travels!

*(I have actually never eaten a bon bon)

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