Is tthe Marriott the Best Hotel In San Jose Costa Rica? | Marriott Hotel San Jose Costa Rica | San Jose Costa Rica Hotels

Is The Marriott The Best Hotel In San Jose Costa Rica?

Yes, the Marriott is the best hotel in San Jose Costa Rica. Well, I guess I should explain or else this would be the shortest blog post ever!! Why The Marriott Is The Best Hotel In San Jose Costa Rica I was so impressed with my recent stay at the Costa Rica Marriott San Jose Hotel!  This place is a great mix between hotel and resort...Read More
How to Purchase a Marriott Hotel + Air Package | Costa Rica Marriott San Jose | How To Use Marriott Points

How to Purchase a Marriott Hotel + Air Package

Purchsing a Marriott Hotel + Air Package is a great way to use your Marriott points.   Each package consists of 7 nights at a Marriott property plus airline miles.  In this post I will show you everything you need to know about how to purchase a Marriott Hotel + Air package.  You will be on vacation in no time! I used my Marriott Hotel + Air...Read More
How To Achieve World of Hyatt Elite Status | Hyatt Status Tiers | Discoverist, Explorist and Globalist tiers explained! | #hyatt #worldofhyatt #HyattEliteStatus

What You Need To Know About World of Hyatt Elite Status

Elite Status is a great thing to have for a hotel or airline...who doesn't love free perks?!  Hyatt is one of the best hotel chains for award bookings so it's good to know the ins and outs of the World of Hyatt Elite Status program. I'll explain the levels of the program plus show you how to earn each level of status.  Did you know you...Read More
JORD Wood Watch | Unique Gift Idea For Valentine's Day | Wood Watch For Women | Purple Watch | JORD Watch Giveaway | JORD Watch Discount

Unique Gift Idea For Valentine’s Day…And A Giveaway!

I'm really not a watch person.  I haven't worn a watch for probably 15 years.  So, when JORD watches contacted me about a collaboration, I was a little hesitant.  I don't work with every product collaboration I am offered because I respect your time and don't want to feature crap on this blog.  But, then I checked out their website, and I have to admit, I...Read More
Royal Caribbean's Private Beach in Labadee, Haiti | Columbus Cove | Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas | Caribbean Travel

Royal Caribbean’s Private Beach in Labadee, Haiti

If you have looked at a Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean lately, chances are you have seen Labadee, Haiti as a port of call.  At first I was surprised because, let's be honest, one usually doesn't think of Haiti as a vacation destination.  However, this port of call is at Royal Caribbean's private beach and it is everything you would expect from a Caribbean beach destination. ...Read More
How To Use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

How To Use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points To Save Big Money On Travel

Chase Ultimate Rewards points are my favorite type of point currency.  They are simple to earn, easy to use and help me save a ton of money on travel expenses!  If you are a little hesitant to start using points because you just don't really understand how they work, you aren't alone.  I hear so many people tell me they would love to save some money...Read More
American Express Airline Fee Credit | Credit Card Travel Benefits | American Express Platinum Benefits | American Express Premiere Rewards Gold Benefits

American Express Airline Fee Credit

Many of the premium (read: expensive) credit cards available come with some pretty premium benefits.  One of the best ways to maximize the value you get out of your credit cards is to know all of the benefits each one comes with.  One of the big perks of select American Express cards is a yearly airline fee credit.  There are a few tricks to using the...Read More
Cruise Ship Art Auctions | Park West Gallery | Art Auctions on Royal Caribbean | What To Do On A Cruise Ship | Cruise Vacation Tips | How To Navigate A Cruise Ship Art Auction | #cruiseshipartauction #parkwestgallery #cruising #royalcaribbean | Michael Godard

Cruise Ship Art Auctions with Park West Gallery

If you have never cruised before you might be thinking, "WTF does an art auction have to do with cruising?" and if you have cruised before you are probably thinking, "free champagne!"  Art auctions are my favorite cruise ship activity, and it's not just because of the free champagne.  I was sort of an art nerd in high school and college so this is right up...Read More
How To Earn Delta Miles If Your Baggage Is Delayed | Delta Baggage Guarantee | Travel Hacks | Tips For Flying Delta

How To Earn Delta Miles If Your Baggage Is Delayed

Did you know you can earn Delta miles if your baggage is delayed?  Neither did I until I found this. If your bags take more than 20 minutes to make it to the carousel, Delta will give you a 2,500 mile bonus.  While 2,500 miles isn't a windfall, every mile counts, and it's best to know any way you can easily earn more miles for doing...Read More
Swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman | Stingray City Grand Cayman | Royal Caribbean Excursion | Swim With Stingrays | Things To Do In Grand Cayman

Swimming With Stingrays in Grand Cayman

I love trying new things on vacation.  My recent cruise on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas was no exception.  In addition to scuba diving in Cozumel and laying around on the beach in Haiti, I got a chance to go swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman!  Honestly my first thought when I think of stingrays is Steve Irwin and I questioned my sanity when I...Read More
Tips For A Healthy New Year | Columbus Ohio Bloggers | Health Tips | New Year's Resolutions 2018 | Healthy Mind and Healthy Body

Tips For a Healthy New Year From The Best Columbus Bloggers

The beginning of each year tends to bring resolutions of better eating, working out and trying to live an overall healthier lifestyle.  Health and wellness are wonderful things to embrace this time of year, so I have teamed up with some of my favorite Columbus, Ohio area bloggers to help you out!  We are sharing our best tips for a healthy new year that cover all...Read More
Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Bonus Categories

Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Bonus Categories – 2018 Q1

If you have read my blog in the past you know that I LOVE Chase Ultimate Rewards!  These points are easy to collect, flexible and easy to redeem for free or deeply discounted travel.  Chase Freedom is a great card to have in your wallet since it has no annual fee and earns 5x points in rotating categories throughout the year.  Starting January 1, 2018 -...Read More