Delta Baggage Guarantee: Earn Miles When Your Bags Are Delayed

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Did you know you can earn Delta SkyMiles if your baggage is delayed?  You can — with the Delta Baggage Guarantee.

If your checked luggage takes more than 20 minutes to make it to the carousel, Delta will give you a 2,500-mile bonus.  While 2,500 SkyMiles isn’t a windfall, every mile counts, and it’s best to know any way you can easily earn more miles for doing basically nothing.

 Delta Baggage Guarantee
Waiting for bags is never fun, but at least you can earn some Delta SkyMiles if your luggage doesn’t make it out within 20 minutes.

Delta Baggage Guarantee

Delta guarantees that your checked bags on any Delta operated domestic flight will be at the carousel within 20 minutes. If not, you might be eligible for a 2,500 Delta mile bonus. This guarantee only applies to SkyMiles members, and your SkyMiles number must be on the reservation to be eligible.

Requests for bonus miles should be submitted through within 3 days of your flight. Your bonus miles will be deposited into your account within 2 weeks of submission.

Here’s a quick look at how the Delta Baggage Guarantee works:

  • You’ll be awarded 2,500 SkyMiles if your bag takes more than 20 minutes to make it to the carousel (the clock starts when the plane doors open).
  • You need to submit the “Bags on Time” form within 3 days of your flight.
  • You must be a SkyMiles member at the time of your flight and your reservation needs to include your member number.
  • The Guarantee applies to flights within the United States and Puerto Rico that are operated by Delta Airlines and Delta Connection.
  • The Guarantee does not apply to oversize or overweight baggage.
  • Only 1 claim can be submitted regardless of how many bags you checked.
  • Bonus miles don’t count toward Medallion qualification or Million Miler status.
  • The guarantee is only valid on paid tickets for published fares.
  • The guarantee doesn’t cover instances that are out of Delta’s control like weather or airport baggage system malfunction.


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