Tips On Good Travel Etiquette From My Trip To Vegas (Or Don’t Be An Asshole)

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I recently went on a little trip to Las Vegas with my mom and brother.  Truth be told, I don’t love Vegas like I used to.  But, my mom does, so it’s fun to go with her from time to time.  My brother even came from New York to meet us, so it was a great weekend.

Except, that is, for all of the traveling assholes I came across.  I couldn’t believe the number of people in the airports and on the plane that either had no clue what they were doing or zero respect for anyone around them.

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to share a little wisdom about good travel etiquette.

1.  Don’t Clip Your Fingernails On The Plane

So, this actually happened! I was a little annoyed when the guy sitting next to me started filing his nails because, well, nails on a chalkboard.  But, when he started clipping his nails I think I threw up in my mouth a little.  No one wants to sit next to you while you give yourself a manicure and have little bits of nail flying all over the place!  Gross.

Bad Travel Etiquette On An Airplane | Don't Be An Asshole
Yes, I actually took a stealth photo of this because I was so shocked it was happening.

2.  When It’s Time To Get Off Of The Plane, Wait Your Turn – You Are Not That Special

Most people know how the system works, but then there are the assholes who think they deserve to get off the plane before anyone else.  You know the drill – the first row gets off first, then the second and so on.   You wait in the aisle or your seat until it’s your turn – basic travel etiquette, right?

All was going smoothly on my flight back from Vegas until this “special chick” came busting up through the aisle yelling about how ridiculous it was that she couldn’t get through…because she didn’t have any carry-on bags.  Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that not having any bags made you so damn special.  Let me get out of your way, madam.

3.  Have Your ID Ready When You Get To The Front Of The Security Line

Now, I get that there are a lot of people that don’t fly often and might not know the drill…but this was in the TSA PreCheck line.  If you have TSA PreCheck you should at least know to have your ID and boarding pass ready when you get to the front of the line.  This woman had no clue – like she was shocked they asked for her ID (cue eye roll).

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4.  Wear A Shirt On The Plane

Can we all agree that 2 bras do not equal a shirt? That’s reasonable, right?

But Miss Fancypants (who, by the way was on the same flight as Miss Special Chick) had a bra on with a  slightly larger sports-type bra over it.   This does not make a shirt.  But there she was with her whole gut spilling out over her pants for the whole world to look at – on a plane.  I just wonder what goes on in some people’s heads?

5.  Don’t Hump Around The Baggage Carousel

This is classic bad travel etiquette, but it still happens Every.Damn.Time.  If you could just take 2 steps back then we could ALL see the bags coming on the carousel.  But, no…everyone feels the need to practically drape themselves over the carousel so no one else can see what’s coming.

6.  Don’t Play Music And Talk Loudly In The Spa Hot Tub

Ok, so this isn’t travel specific, but I had to include it because these girls were so obnoxious, it deserves being mentioned.  I was enjoying a spa day in Las Vegas at Aria which is a very nice (and flippin’ expensive) spa.  It is all very quiet and zen, because you know, it’s a spa.

There were 2 girls hanging out in the hot tub who decided that they were ready to par-tay.  They were talking loud and actually started playing music. Then they started taking videos! The staff came over to basically shut them up and told them to stop recording. They didn’t want to and argued a little. Then they agreed but had their phone set up with the video still on.   The spa attendant told them to put the phone off and they responded with, “It’s not recording”.  I call bullshit.

Bad Travel Etiquette On An Airplane | Don't Be An Asshole | Spa at Aria Las Vegas
Does this seem like the kind of place to talk loudly and play music? I didn’t think so.


So, I hope you learned a little something about travel etiquette from my recent trip to Las Vegas.

If you just skimmed it, I can sum it all up for you here:  Don’t Be An Asshole!

I really just try to laugh about it because some people are ridiculous.  I am sure you have come across some doozies while traveling –  what has been the worst travel etiquette offense that you have seen?  Share your stories in the comments section.  Happy Travels!

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