Travel After Coronavirus [And What To Do While We’re Waiting]

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Unless you’ve been living under a very remote rock, you’re all too familiar with Coronavirus. I won’t go into details because, frankly, I’m sick of talking about it. Instead I want to look towards the future, and especially how we can travel after Coronavirus has changed the world.

So many industries have been hit hard by this pandemic. Lots of local and small businesses are suffering. Lots of big businesses are suffering. And the travel industry, which is close to my heart, is suffering. So many of us have had to cancel vacations and family trips, and it totally sucks.

While we can’t really travel now, the important thing to remember is that everything WILL return to normal and we WILL be able to travel freely across the country and the world again.

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How To Travel After Coronavirus

Right now, no one knows when travel is going to be a good idea again. But it will, and when that time comes the travel industry will be welcoming you with open arms.

Here’s a few things to remember:

  • You don’t have to leave your hometown to travel. If you can’t take a vacation, you can travel in your own backyard. Take a day to explore parts of your town that you’ve never been. Go see the tourist attractions in your city that, as a resident, you rarely, if ever, visit.
  • Take a series of day trips! I bet you can find some great places to visit within an easy drive of your home. I was amazed at all the cool places I found that are within a 2 hour drive of Columbus (my hometown)!
  • Plan a weekend getaway. There are so many cool places that are perfect for a quick post-Coronavirus weekend trip. I love going to Hocking Hills to get away in nature for a couple of days.
  • Plan that ultimate vacation! I promise, you’ll be able to re-schedule that spring break trip you had to cancel. We will all once again be able to frolic on the beach in the Caribbean, visit Disneyland, rent a house in Florida, explore Italy, or do whatever is included in your idea of a great vacation. It will all go back to normal.

What To Do Now?

In the meantime, you don’t have to forget about travel completely. Now’s the time to order those travel brochures and do the research to plan your next trip!

Since I’m guessing you have some extra time on your hands for a while, why not use that to make a travel photo album of your previous vacations. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a million vacation pictures sitting around that you haven’t done much with. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get your favorite pictures printed out to display.
  • Make a vacation photo book (you can do one book per trip or one book per year).
  • Have a family slide show to look back at pictures from your previous vacations.

It’s also a great time to work on some at home displays of your travels. Here are some ideas:

  • Get a travel tracker map to mark all the places you’ve been (it will help get you excited for your next trip…which will come eventually!) I personally use this map and I love it!!!
  • Make or buy some travel decor to spruce up your living space.
  • Get creative — create a custom item for your home like a door mat, pillow, or mug!
Purple Push Pin Travel Map
I have the USA and World version of this map in my home office.

It Will Get Better

The world is a crazy and new place right now. Take this time to enjoy being home — spend time with your family, work on those projects you’ve been putting off, binge on Netflix, and just breathe. Soon enough, life will return to normal. Until then, enjoy the memories of past travels and get excited by the ideas of trips to come!

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