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Today I am doing something I never in a million years pictured myself doing.  I’m  officially launching a blog.

What started as a way to dump my feelings into my keyboard and onto a computer screen ended up being so much more.  Writing felt good.  It was cathartic.  It helped me release all of the bottled up feelings and thoughts that I carry around with me because, frankly, I think my husband is sick of listening to them.  It felt so good to get it all out.

I am a stay at home mom.  And sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. (I’m sure all the moms out there can relate)  Writing has made me feel like a whole person again in a way I wasn’t expecting.  More than “just” a mom – like I actually have something to say and ideas to contribute.   This is huge.  It’s so easy to get lost in the mommy world, and much to my surprise I have discovered it’s a world where I don’t fully belong.   I know a lot of moms who just seem like it’s the right fit for them – like they really have this whole  “mom” thing down.  I am not one of them.  On the outside it might seem like I have it altogether, but inside I feel like I am turning to mush from hanging out with a 3 year old all day.


I really have to work to find my zen some days (ok, most days), especially now that my daughter is in the “terrible 3s”.  I discovered yoga about 6 years ago and I fall more in love each time I practice.  I really didn’t get it at first.   I sort of just thought it was a lame, yet relaxing, workout, but I kept it up.  Once I started focusing more on my breath and calming and focusing my mind, it clicked. (this took years!) For me, yoga is a moving meditation and is critical to keeping my mind at peace.


Miles and Points Travel

Traveling is my happy place.  I have been lucky enough to explore some great locations in my life – France, England, Scotland, Ireland, China, Italy, Mexico, and Bermuda among others…While I have always enjoyed traveling, it really turned into an obsession a little over a year ago when I discovered the miles and points game – “travel hacking” if you will.  It satisfied my desire to do a lot of traveling (without paying a lot of money)  and my love of a nice Excel spreadsheet  (attention to detail is an important component of the hobby).

It has opened up a whole new world for me.  As a stay at home mom, it’s a good feeling to be able to provide something with significant financial value to my family.  Now  I am able to take us on more frequent vacations without breaking the bank, and that’s a big win.

Having fun in St. Pete Beach, FL

Starting Over

I am 37 years old (yikes!)  Too old to be young but too young to be old.  It’s a scary age to start something new – I’m supposed to have it all figured out already.  But I don’t and I’m starting over.  On the internet.  And it scares the crap out of me.

Join Me

I want to share this world of travel with you and your family.  What I am doing isn’t too complicated – it just takes a little time, some attention to detail and a desire to travel more and spend less!  I’ll provide you with some tips, tricks and strategies I have picked up along the way as well as share my family’s travels with you.  I’ll also share some thoughts, ideas and resources for living a more peaceful life so we can all Live Happy and Travel More!

Anyways, thanks for listening and if you want to live a more peaceful, well-traveled life please come back and keep reading, follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment.  I would love to connect.

Until next time…

Live Happy and Travel More!


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  1. Carrie @ Season It Already!

    So excited for you, Katie! I’m especially excited to see YOUR thoughts online on one of my favorite subjects. I miss you so much and we don’t talk nearly enough!

    1. Katie @ ZenLifeandTravel

      Thanks for the response, Carrie! Yes, we need to connect more…soon!

  2. Kim Tartaglia

    LOVE this blog, and I look forward to learning how to “travel hack?” (and of course, seeing you for a 6am yoga class! just try it once, it’s amazing!)

    1. Katie @ ZenLifeandTravel

      Thanks, Kim! Ok, ok – I will meet you for a 6am class (I know I am going to regret this when I am waking up and it’s cold and dark!!)

  3. Katie @ ZenLifeandTravel

    Thanks Ali, Cindy and Rita for commenting (I had it set to private…oops!) – it’s all fixed now so future comments will show on the blog.

  4. Katie @ ZenLifeandTravel


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