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I recently tagged along with my husband on a business trip to Annapolis, Maryland.  Since he was occupied during the day I found myself with an afternoon in Annapolis to myself.  I expected the charming streets, picturesque waterfront, and Americana feel, but what I didn’t expect was the street art.

I loved the fun and quirky sculptures and murals I found throughout the downtown area. So, let me take you on a short journey through the cool street art in Annapolis.

Street Art In Annapolis, MD (USA) | Annapolis Chickens
One of the famed Annapolis chickens keeps watch over West Street.

Annapolis Chickens

The Annapolis Chickens surprised me most of all! I was walking along West Street, minding my own business when I came across a 6 ft tall chicken sculpture. I was amused and kept walking. Then I saw another one and another one! These sculptures can be found up and down the street.

The chicken sculptures were originally commissioned in 2012 to bring awareness to the Annapolis arts district. Why chickens? They give a nod to the debate that was happening at the time regarding allowing Annapolis residents to raise chickens in their backyard. The law passed and the statues went up.

The statues, which are all painted differently by local artists, were originally meant to be temporary, however, 5+ years later they are still strutting their stuff up and down West Street in Annapolis.

These sculptures are a great thing to check out if you’re visiting Annapolis with kids.

Street Art In Annapolis, MD (USA) | Annapolis Chickens

Street Art In Annapolis, MD (USA) | Annapolis Chickens

Street Art In Annapolis, MD (USA) | Annapolis Chickens

Street Art In Annapolis, MD (USA) | Annapolis Chickens

Street Art In Annapolis, MD (USA) | Annapolis Chickens


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Annapolis Arts District

In addition to the Chickens, there are numerous public murals in Annapolis along the streets throughout the arts district.   Luckily, our hotel was right in the middle of the Annapolis Arts District, so I didn’t have to wander far to take in some amusing art. This area also has dozens of traditional galleries as well as restaurants so it’s a great place to spend an afternoon.

The Annapolis Arts District, which is located on West St between Church Circle and the Westin Annapolis Hotel, also hosts a festival on the first Sunday of each month from May through November. It’s called, wait for it…the First Sunday Arts Festival.  This monthly festival features arts and crafts, live music, and food.


Annapolis Murals

Mural in Annapolis Maryland

Art in Annapolis Maryland - Mural of a bird

Street murals in Annapolis Maryland

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Final Thoughts 

If you find yourself in Annapolis, take some time to walk down West Street to see some of the great artwork on display.  How can you go wrong with giant chicken sculptures?  Happy Travels!

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Street Art In Annapolis, MD - Chicken Sculptures and the Annapolis Arts District | USA Travel


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  1. Barbara

    Love the of the chickens has been removed..the copper one with helmet. It is our favorite but noticed it has been removed from its spot in an alcove. Just wondering when it will be put back.
    Thank you,

    1. Katie @ ZenLifeandTravel

      Hi Barbara,
      That’s too bad that it’s been removed. You would need to contact someone from the Annapolis Arts District or the city of Annapolis to see when and if it will be put back.

  2. Carol Vilardo

    Love Your Photos! Would you allow Visit Annapolis & Anne Arundel County to use them for our website and social media? We also get requests for images like the ones you took for various travel and tourism publications. We would be happy to credit you on your photos. Do you have high resolution images that you could share?

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