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Pirate Duck Boat Tour – Miami, FL

On our latest trip to Miami Beach we had a free afternoon so we decided to check out a Duck Boat Tour, Pirate Style!  The Miami Pirate Duck Tour is a 90 minute tour of Miami on land and water!

I actually wasn’t sure about the whole “pirate” theme at first -I was still dealing with some food poisoning and not really in the mood for a cheesy city tour.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they tour wasn’t really “pirate-y” at all.  If that’s what you are looking for, this might not be what you want.

The tour took us throughout different parts of Miami and South Beach and then drove right into the bay for the water portion of the tour.

We got some great views of the ritzy houses on all the different islands in Biscayne Bay, like this 37,000 sq. ft, 58 (!) million dollar mansion on Star Island.

Did you know that Key West has joined Hawaii and Mexico in a sunscreen ban — and Miami might be next!? If you are planning to visit Miami, be sure to pack a reef safe sunscreen to help protect the fragile coral reefs.

The best part about our tour was our guide who was beyond entertaining!  (I think his name was Elvin…I should have written it down).  He spoke 9 languages and was able to speak to every passenger on the tour in their native language  – it was pretty impressive.  I could have listened to this guy talk (or sing) all day long.

The Pirate Duck departure and arrival stop is located on Washington Ave, between 17th Street and Lincoln Road, next to the New World Symphony Center and across from Green View Hotel. Look for the Pirate Duck Tour bus stop sign.  They offer multiple tours daily.  Cost is $22 for adults and $20 for children


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