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Go To Sleep.  You don’t hear this much as an adult, but you should.  It’s a daily occurrence that sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  I slept 12 hours last night….and it’s the most glorious, luxurious feeling ever!

Seriously, I don’t think sleep gets the props it deserves.  I truly think our society glamorizes being exhausted.  In college you hear about “pulling all nighters” and in the business world, the people who work the longest hours are seen as hard workers.

Just go to sleep | The importance of sleep
You have my permission to lay down and pass the fuck out.

When To Stop And Just Go To Sleep

As a stay at home mom, I have had my fair share of exhausted days.  It is hard to avoid as a mom.  You can’t tell a crying baby at 4am that sleep is really important to your well being so he’s just going to need to go ahead and work this one out on his own…

I have been feeling really tired and just “meh” for a few weeks now.  Usually, I get a decent amount of sleep, but I have been having problems falling asleep lately, which really cuts down on my quality sleep time.   I toss and turn then get stressed because I am not falling asleep which is going to make me tired in the morning.  Then I keep thinking and just can’t turn off my brain.  It’s a vicious cycle.

This weekend was really rough for me.  My energy was just zapped.  Yesterday I could barely keep my eyes open.  I took 2 mini naps and still was a mess.  I usually work on my computer after my daughter goes to sleep or watch TV with my husband.  Last night I had laundry to fold and the house could have used some picking up.  But, I essentially said “Fuck It”, moved the laundry pile from my bed to a chair and went to bed at 8:30.  I slept for 12 hours.  12 Glorious Hours!

Sleep Is Magic

This morning I woke up feeling like a new woman (seriously -I was bouncing off the walls and had a “Wham” sing along in my car).  I was in a good mood.  I had energy, and I worked out (with weights)!  Guys, I haven’t worked out with weights in…years, probably!  Then I showered (another win for a stay at home mom).   I dropped my daughter off at dance camp and am still full of energy at 3pm (when, let’s be honest, it is usually prime “I want a nap” time.)

So, my message to all of you who are exhausted right now.  Just go to sleep.  I am here to give you permission to go to sleep.  It won’t make you lazy or unproductive.  It will turn you into a person who can handle your shit a whole lot better.


Hire a babysitter or put your kids in front of a movie so you can take a nap. (They will be fine, trust me)

Cancel your plans and go to bed early.

Say no more often.

Leave your house messy…just go to sleep.


Do whatever you have to do…just get the sleep you need.   You will be a better person when you wake up.  For further reading on the importance of sleep, check out Arianna Huffington’s book The Sleep Revolution  or if you are trying to send the message to a friend, try the children’s classic “Go The Fuck To Sleep”.

Happy Travels Sleeping!

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