Hiking Near Denver – Rocking Out at Red Rocks

Denver, Colorado is a city known for it’s outdoor recreation.    Hiking, biking and rock climbing are just a few of the activities you will come across.  I have really been enjoying hiking lately, so I was eager to try out some new trails on my recent trip.   If you are looking for some gorgeous hiking trails near Denver, look no further than Red Rock Park.

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Hiking near denver red rocks park
I did this hike with my best friend of 30+ years…we tend to get a little goofy when we are together! Rockin’ Out at Red Rocks!


Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

Just 15 miles to the west of Denver, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is a must see attraction.  The amphitheater is famous for the outdoor summer concerts it hosts and the surrounding park area is a nature lover’s dream.  There are beautiful trails for hiking and biking – and even horseback riding!  The park is over 6,000 ft above sea level and offers landscapes representative of both the mountains and the plains.  Common animal sightings include prairie dogs, rabbits, red foxes and Mule deer.

hiking near denver red rocks park

Link: See Red Rocks Amphitheater on the guided Foothills Explorer Tour from Denver

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Start or end your hike with a stop at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater.  This might be the coolest concert venue I have ever seen.  The amphitheater is built into the monstrous red rocks which lend a dramatic backdrop to summer concerts under the stars.  The chances of parking close are pretty slim so be prepared to walk uphill or up lots of stairs from your car.  This is a popular spot for boot camp type exercisers as well as stair master addicts.  Be sure to climb to the top of the amphitheater for some amazing views of Denver.
Hiking near denver - red rocks amphitheater

Red Rocks Park – Trading Post Trail

The Trading Post Loop Trail is perfect for beginners or anyone looking to take in the area’s natural beauty without a strenuous hike.  It is an easy 1.4 mile loop that takes you through the beautiful Red Rocks that the park is named after.   There is a 500′ elevation gain, but it’s not steep in any location.  The trail can be narrow in spots and it does cross a few roads, but there is nothing too tricky about it.

The trail sign warns of rattlesnakes and mountain lions and claims that these are rare, but possible, sightings.  Thankfully, all we saw were some deer.  However, we almost missed them!  I thought there was a runner behind us so I moved to the side and kept walking…once I turned around I realized there wasn’t a runner but 3 huge deer that had passed right behind us!  They were pretty far away by the time I got a picture.

hiking near devner - red rocks park

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Red Rocks Park – Red Rocks Trail

This is a longer 6 mile hike that takes you through Red Rocks Parks and connects to Matthew Winters Park.  This trail features a 1,300′ elevation gain, so be cautious if you aren’t used to the altitude.  The trail can accommodate horses and dogs on leashes.  There is almost no shade so frequent users advise hiking here in the early morning or later in the evening to avoid the mid day sun.

Hiking Near Denver Red Rocks Park

I really enjoyed my hike through Red Rocks Park.  Even if you aren’t a fan of hiking, make a point to drive out to the amphitheater for some amazing views and scenery.  You will also find a visitor center and restaurant that’s open from 10:30am-2:30pm daily.  It’s a great way to spend a sunny Colorado afternoon!

Have you ever visited Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater?  What was your favorite part?


best hikes near denver red rocks



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  1. I just LOVE the colour and the rocks – possibly because they remind me of what I often see while travelling in Australia! I’ve heard before of the amazing similarities between Australia and this area, but your photos really show it!!

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