How To Earn Delta Miles If Your Baggage Is Delayed

Did you know you can earn Delta miles if your baggage is delayed?  Neither did I until I found this.

If your bags take more than 20 minutes to make it to the carousel, Delta will give you a 2,500 mile bonus.  While 2,500 miles isn’t a windfall, every mile counts, and it’s best to know any way you can easily earn more miles for doing basically nothing.  Here are the details.

How To Earn Delta Miles If Your Baggage Is Delayed | Delta Baggage Guarantee | Travel Hacks | Tips For Flying Delta

Delta’s Checked Baggage Guarantee

Delta guarantees your checked bags on any Delta operated domestic flight will be at the carousel within 20 minutes.  If not, you might be eligible for a 2,500 Delta mile bonus.  This guarantee only applies to SkyMiles members ,and your SkyMiles number must be on the reservation to be eligible.

Requests for bonus miles should be submitted through within 3 days of your flight.

There is a lot of fine print, so I am unlcear as to how often they honor this. The guarantee only applies to paid tickets for published fares, and they reserve the right to suspend the guarantee because of  “an airport baggage system malfunction, severe weather, or other conditions out of Delta’s control that would prevent timely baggage delivery”.  All of the details and fine print can be found on

Have you had any luck submitting a Delta Baggage Guarantee claim?

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