Evolution of a Scuba Diver

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Underwater Museum near Cancun, Mxico

I just booked my first scuba dive as a certified diver!  We will be diving in the Underwater Museum near Cancun, and I can’t wait!

My husband and I recently earned our Open Water Scuba Diving certification in Key Largo, FL.  While I enjoyed it, the circumstances weren’t great for a first dive so it didn’t exactly go as planned.  First off, the conditions were really rough – about 2-3 foot waves.  Maybe this is nothing for an experienced diver, but for my first time this seemed like a BIG DEAL!  On top of that, I was battling a bit of anxiety about actually getting in the water, and a case of food poisoning on the second day (but that’s another story).  I was still in a bit of disbelief that I was about to submerge myself in the ocean.


The Reluctant Snorkeler

You see, up until about 3 years ago I was TERRIFIED of open water.  Literally, the thought of being in the open ocean horrified me. (I think I saw “Jaws” too young…thanks, mom.  Just kidding – love you!)  I even hated being on boats.

Molokini Crater – Hawaii

But then I had a breakthrough.  To be clear, I had no desire or intention of having a breakthrough on this particular day, but it happened.  I was in Maui with my family, and we booked a boat tour with snorkeling and whale watching included (Quicksilver in Maui in case you are looking for an awesome excursion).  There were going to be 2 snorkeling sites: Molokini Crater and Turtle Town.  I had NO intention of snorkeling.  I made it clear I was staying on the boat.  But my family kept egging me on to try it.  Then my husband pulled out the big guns – he rented the underwater camera and insisted that now I HAD to go since he paid to document it.  The next thing I know I was getting into a wet suit (side note: having the boat guy check you out then decide what size wet suit you need sucks…especially when he changes his mind mid decision and gives you the next bigger size)

I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.  I.was.getting.in.the.ocean…on purpose! I won’t lie – I panicked a bit at first and gripped my husband’s arm till I almost drew blood.   Once I stuck my face in and saw there were no sharks right below me I started to calm down.  Then I started to get the hang of it…and it was exhilarating!

I was so damn proud of myself I don’t think I stopped smiling all day (the post snorkel mai tais on the boat probably helped with that too.)


The Next Chapter

This was a breakthrough day for me.  Probably one of the best days of my life.  It opened the doors for me to even consider scuba diving (a few years later).  I completed my certification in October 2016, so this upcoming dive in Cancun will be my first as an “official” diver.   I will post a full report after the dive.

What’s your favorite location to snorkel or scuba dive?