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Using credit cards in the right way is the fastest way to earn boat loads of points for travel!  Before you begin though, let’s go over the “rules”.

One of the most important factors to consider (perhaps THE most important factor) is how you use credit.  If you tend to carry a balance on your credit cards then STOP,  turn around and find a different hobby.  Seriously, though, it is extremely important to pay off your bill each month in full – every time.  If you start to carry a balance, the interest charges will eat away at the value of the points you are earning (among other negatives) .  If you have any credit card debt or less than stellar credit, focus on getting those things cleaned up first before you try your hand at miles and points.

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Miles and Points 101: Credit Card Points
We enjoyed a weekend trip to Chicago all thanks to points and miles earned through credit cards!


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