How to Change Your Flight on Southwest Airlines

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Southwest is my favorite airline. They offer many perks that aren’t available on other airlines, including the ability to change your flight without a fee.

It’s great to know you don’t have to play the “do I buy the ticket now or do I wait” game with any Southwest tickets because if the price goes down, you can get a credit!  Yes, a flight change can simply be “changing” to the same flight at a lower price. Two thumbs up for Southwest, right?

Here’s my simple guide on how to change your flight on Southwest Airlines.

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How to Change Your Flight on Southwest Airlines

First, log into your account and click My Account at the top of the page. You’ll see a My Trips section in the middle of the page with all of your upcoming flights listed. Click Change on the flight you want to change.


How to change your flight on Southwest Airlines
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You can then see your flight details. Click on the Change button in the upper right-hand corner.

Southwest Flight Change
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Then click the flight or flights you would like to change (you can change one leg of your ticket or the entire round trip).

How to Change a Southwest Flight
Image Credit: Southwest

Then you’ll see a search box where you can change the day and time of your ticket. Leave as is if you are just changing times for the same day or doing a price change. Hit Select New Flights.

Changing Southwest flight
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Next, you will see the available flights for the day you selected. Select your desired flight and click Continue.

The next page will ask you to confirm your flight and will show the price difference. If the flight you chose was less expensive, you’ll see how much of a credit you will be receiving. If the flight was more expensive, you will see how much more payment is due.

Click Continue to fill out your payment information and confirm the changes.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change
Image Credit: Southwest


The difference in price of your ticket is less expensive, you’ll get a credit, called a Travel Fund, on your account.  The credit is good for 1 year from when you purchased the original ticket and is only available to use for the person who was on the original ticket. Travel Funds are linked to your original flight’s confirmation number so be sure to keep that handy.

You can now earn up to 80,000 bonus points with a Southwest Credit Card.

How to Use Your Credit For A Future Flight

Using your credit is simple. Once you have selected the new flight you would like to purchase go to the Travel Funds, LUV Vouchers, and gift cards section.

Then all you need to do is input the original confirmation number that’s associated with the travel funds along with your name and click on Apply funds. 

How to apply travel funds to a Southwest ticket
Image Credit: Southwest


You can look up your available Travel Funds under My Account.

Final Thoughts

Southwest Airlines is a great choice for traveling for many reasons. It’s easy to earn and use Rapid Rewards points, there are no blackout dates, you won’t pay for baggage, and there are no change fees.

I hope this quick and easy guide helped you change your Southwest flight in no time. Happy travels!

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