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Big Cat Rescue - Tampa, FL


Feeding Tour at Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is located in Tampa, FL and is one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats.  They are home to 80+ Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Cougars, Bobcats, Lynx, Servals, Ocelots & Caracals.

Most of the animals have been abandoned, abused or orphaned, and many of their residents were previously preforming cats.  What sets Big Cat Rescue apart is that they are working to end the abuse at its root by ending the private possession and trade in exotic cats through legislation and education.

Big Cat Rescue

We did the feeding tour which is a 1 hour tour that follows the big cat keepers as they feed the animals.  The guides tell you all about the cats, their diets, and how they hunt in the wild.   This particular tour is offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9am.  Cost is $65 and no children under 10 are allowed.  We chose this tour to have a better chance to see the animals alert and active.  It was very cool to see the cats being fed.

Big Cat Rescue offers lots of other tours throughout the week including a day tour for only $36 and a special kids tour that allows children under 10.

The facilities for the cats seemed very nice and well kept.  The animals all had decent size spaces to roam  (the pictures really don’t show how expansive their spaces were). I really did get a sense that the keepers cared about the welfare of the animals.   Be sure to check it out if you find yourself in Tampa!

Big Cat Rescue - Tampa, FL

Big Cat Rescue - Tampa, FL

Big Cat Rescue - Tampa, FL

Big Cat Rescue - Tampa, FL

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Big Cat Rescue Tampa