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Yoga On The Go

We all know what happens when you go on vacation.  You get out of your routine, eat a little heavier and drop your exercise routine like a hot potato…right?  Yeah, me too…

But, as I have gotten older I have noticed 2 things.  First, I feel better when I stick to my “workout” on the road, and I actually miss it when I skip it.  I’m not much of a gym rat anymore, so hotel gyms don’t cut it for me.  I love walking, hiking and yoga.  I naturally do a lot of walking on the trips I take, so that one is easy to incorporate…yoga, not so much.  As much as I love yoga I still have a hard time keeping myself motivated on vacation (ok, at home too).



The Best Online Yoga Classes

I like to use online yoga classes while I am traveling, but I also use them to supplement my routine at home.

I love my local yoga studio and I go once a week (shutout to Mat Happy Yoga in Hilliard, OH!!).  I would love to be able to make it there more, but as a stay at home mom, it just doesn’t fit into my schedule right now.  Online classes help me fill in the gaps.  I’ve been pretty consistent with it for a couple of years now.  Sometimes it’s just some basic poses and stretching before bed and sometimes it’s a full class that I have purchased.  I love the flexibility that my home practice has given me.


Most hotels these days have wifi, however I prefer to bring downloaded classes with me on my iPad so I don’t have to rely on a hotel’s often crappy signal.  This helps me stick to my routine and keep my zen on even when I am away from home.

FREE Yoga Classes from

Sort Classes Any Way You Want:  Find the perfect class by sorting by any factor including duration, style or intensity.  This is probably my favorite feature of YogaDownload.  Sometimes I might only have 15 minutes free or maybe I don’t want to commit to a full intensity class.  I love that this lets me sort by so many features to find the perfect class for however I am feeling.

Keep Your Zen While Traveling With The Best Online Yoga Classes. allows you to sort classes by any factor including duration, style or intensity.

More Than Just Yoga:  So many styles…so little time!  They offer everything you would expect plus things like Power Baptiste Vinyasa, Pre and PostNatal, Kid’s Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Meditation, Barre, Pilates, Restorative, and Yoga With Weights!  (I also tried an 8 minute ab class that was a killer!)

Anytime, Anywhere:  Access your classes 24 hours a day online or download classes to bring your practice with you anywhere in the world!

Lots of Different Instructors: Never get bored because you can try classes from 80 different yoga instructors.

Technique Videos: Access short technique videos that break down poses step by step.

Roku Channel:  Download the YogaDownload Roku Channel to turn your living room into a yoga studio.

Yoga en Espanol: Si, yogadownload even offers some classes in Spanish!


How It Works

Free Classes:  Free yoga classes – yay!  Maybe you are on a tight budget or just want to try it out before you join – either way, they have you covered. offers  over 100 FREE CLASSES!

Download Any Individual Class:  If you don’t want to pay for a membership, but would still love to have a few classes to have for home or hotel practice, you can choose to purchase any individual class for download, so you can take your yoga practice with you anywhere you go.

Choose Your Plan :  If you want more than the Free plan offers, there are pre-paid packages available so you can access over 1,000 classes.  Choose a 1 Month, 3 Month or 12 Month package.  Right now you can try out for a month at 50% off!

Keep Your Zen While Traveling With The Best Online Yoga Classes. offers monthly and yearly packages on the best online yoga classes

Tips For Finding Your Zen While Traveling

Keep up your yoga practice anywhere in the world with these easy tips!

  • If you don’t travel with your own yoga mat, a hotel towel works in a pinch.  It doesn’t offer much in the way of cushion, but it defines your space and keeps you away from any less than desirable hotel floors.
  • If you are a frequent traveler, consider investing in a travel yoga mat.  I use the Manduka ProLite at home and Manduka offers a travel mat as well.  The Eko Superlite Travel Mat weighs only 2 lbs and folds so you can pack it in your suitcase.  (I haven’t used the Eko Superlite Travel Mat yet…but I will probably break down and buy it soon!  If you have used it, I would love some feedback)

  • Use the hotel bed bolster to assist you in restorative poses
  • If you have a decent sized balcony, take your mat (or bath towel) outside for some sun salutations under the sun.
  • If you aren’t sure about your hotel’s  wifi situation or will be in a more remote location, be sure to download a couple of your favorite classes to your phone, tablet or laptop so you can enjoy a guided class anytime, anywhere.

How else do you stay zen while traveling?  (Margaritas, perhaps?)

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How to take your yoga practice with you anywhere in the world.   Tips for hotel room yoga and the best online yoga classes available!
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