About The Blog

Welcome to Zen Life and Travel.

Lately I have become obsessed with 2 things in my life – travel and living peacefully.

What exactly do I mean by living peacefully?  It involves calming down, slowing down, breathing…trying to live well and appreciating the present (except of course, for planning future travel!), finding the good in each day and keeping my life easy and balanced.  While this might seem like a simple task to some, it’s not to me.  This all takes daily practice – yoga, meditation, breathing and simply slowing down – to help create a calm, easy, peaceful life.

I guess travel is more self explanatory.  But, I have a confession.  While I love travel, I don’t love paying for it.  Thankfully I have discovered the world of points and miles – “travel hacking” to some, an obsession for me.  I will be exploring all of the perks and benefits of collecting credit card points, airline miles, hotel points, elite status and more.  I could literally research hotels all day – I know, I’m a travel nerd!

Zen Life and Travel brings both of these themes together at last.  Check out my first post to see where it all began. Join me on this journey – let’s explore the world.

Live Happy and Travel More!


St. Pete Beach, FL